Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco Blinds Melbourne

Why are channeled zip tracked blinds & alfresco blinds in Melbourne so special? The design is specific to enclosing your outdoor area and giving superior tension/ flatness to the applied fabric of the blind. Because the fabric is attached inside the side channels via a unique sliding device, the blind does not come out of the channel, giving the finish of a fully enclosed system (no gaps on the side between blind and structure).

But with the right choice of Alfresco Blinds in Melbourne, you will be able to use your outdoor area, all year round. Not only this, even by using external screen fabrics you can maintain your view, keeping it in the warmth during winter and keeping it out the heat during the summer. So the important thing is don’t be fooled with the mere fact that, just because the fabric is permeable it will not let the rain gush through it, allowing just the right amount of cool air circulation.

Once again there is a range of control options available from spring operated (lift with 2 fingers), crank operated or motorised for the larger applications.

All hardware on these systems are powder coated for maximum durability & ensures whether it matches with any of the existing colour requirements. And if you are looking for good quality blinds, then nothing can be better than Alfresco Blinds in Melbourne.

We are proud retailers of Ezip and Zipscreen systems for this Alfresco Blinds in Melbourne.

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