Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Each and every shutter is designed & constructed differently. Our Plantation Shutters in Melbourne and Mornington peninsula are made from 100% poplar timber. Shutters are also available as “Basswood”. But they are originally Laminated Veneer Lumber. Actually, it is comprised of 30% of thin Basswood Veneer, around laminated strips of other timber. So before your purchase, you must assure that the shutter you wish to purchase must be 100% of the timber species that you wish for, much to customer’s appease.

We do serve Popular Plantation Shutters in Melbourne that are made from 100% timber. Unlike the inorganic products, it is a bio-degradable material that is completely eco friendly and recyclable that requires less energy during production. It is the result of our unique process of construction that gives you the best organic product.

Plantation shutters are available in various forms and its bio-friendly quality has raised its demand in the market. Although these shutters consume less energy, its good quality gives you the best timber product. Now Plantation shutters may be installed either inside or outside of a window. If you wish to install these shutters inside, then the main spotlight is on creating an interior design statement to add value to your house. And if you are thinking about installing the shutters outside, then the focal point stresses on light control, air movement control, and privacy, etc. There are many variations to the design and construction of plantation shutters in Melbourne. Therefore if you are willing to enhance the interior design of your home, choose the proper type of shutters from Melbourne and add value to your home. These shutters will not only provide elite look but also increase the grandeur of your property. Thereby, revamp your home with the best quality plantation shutters.

This Shutters comes in a range of 63 mm, 89 mm and 114 mm louvers and can be framed or shaped depending on your pattern of windows.

We vary in providing a vast range of colours of Plantation Shutters in Melbourne and can even have them custom painted in any Dulux interior paint colour from their extensive range. Even, we also provide Aluminium shutters available for external applications.

Although, these shutters in Melbourne are practical products, but they always provide a great finish to any window.

Hence, if you wish to give your home an elegant and contemporary look, then look no further and choose our service, as we have been successful in fulfilling our customers’ passion for their plantation shutters in Melbourne.

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