Holland, Sheer and Dual Blinds

Holland, Sheer and Dual Blinds

Holland Block Out Roller Blinds

Are you looking for something less expensive with style, versatility, compact and easy to use? Block out roller blind is the most practical and affordable blind for your windows. It can be made to look good & stylish by simply adding a fancy finish by attaching trims such as braids fringe with a key tassel to the bottom edge of the bottom or even just a simple round or oval base rail or even still more cost affective is a plain sewn pocket. All our roller blinds are made with sidewinders, this allows for blind to run smoothly with easy operation, attached with a child safety device.

Sheer Roller Blinds

Sheer roller blinds is another roller blind with a point of difference as it is a screen that can be used as a privacy blind during the day as it allows you to see from the inside out, whilst a person standing outside can not see in, but at night reverses the action (meaning you can in at night as it’s lighter inside with lights being on). The sheer roller blind eliminates glare, reflect UV rays, diffuse light providing excellent day time visibility. Did you know that the darker the colour the clearer the view and the lighter the colour the more opaque the view is and is therefore not as sharp with the view.

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual blinds can be a great winner as you have a double viewing combination with great benefits where two roller blinds are mounted to one dual bracket – one being a sheer or translucent and the other a total block out fabric. Each blind is controlled separately with it’s own side wider, therefore you can enjoy flexibility of a total block out for darkness and privacy and the other to diffuse soft light during the day with a partial block out.
So if you want the best of both worlds, this is a sure winner!